Gratte Ciel "Place des Anges"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Place des Anges?

Place des Anges (“Place of Angels”), is a spectacular outdoor performance by the French aerial circus company Gratte Ciel (“Skyscraper”) which brings together climbers, circus performers and dancers who create performances of unique high-altitude aerial circus.

The show has been performed many times around the world including London, Stockholm & Montreal and the performance will take place high above the audience. We don’t want to give too much away, but the show involves angels (who like to have fun), fabulous music, feathers, and aerial theatrics creating a playful, visual, and inspiring spectacle that will enchant audiences of all ages.

When and where will the show take place?

Place Des Anges will be performed after dark each night at WOMADelaide and will take place predominantly in the area in front of the Foundation Stage. The show duration is around 40 minutes and the full festival timetable will list the exact show times when it is released.

Where do the feathers used in the show come from?

The feathers used in Place des Anges are sourced from farms that meet strict European regulations regarding animal welfare.

The company supplying the feathers has been awarded the DOWNPASS certification ( for stringent traceability and quality standards. This certification requires that feathers are not sourced from any live animals. In addition, IDFL (, the world’s largest down and feather testing laboratory, has completed a further independent Supply Chain Traceability Audit of the companies feather supply, and passed them in accordance with the requirements of the EDFA Codex and EDFA Traceability Standard. The supply chain has additionally been further certified to exclude any feathers sourced from force-fed animals.

The feathers used in Place des Anges are also clean and safe in accordance with strict European regulations. They have been washed, sterilised and dusted, provided for the manufacture of down quilts, mattresses and clothing and certified free from allergens and contagious diseases.

Are the feathers used in Place des Anges hypoallergenic?

The feathers used in the show are washed, sterilised and dusted, and have undergone antibacterial treatment to prevent allergens.

How will the feathers be cleared after the show?

The festival will employ extra staff for significant clean-up following each performance, with a final clean-up taking place after the festival and all feathers will be composted along with other festival compostable waste.

Many people will take feathers home with them and some feathers will gradually find their way across the city leaving their mark as a memory of this magical spectacle.

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