Here are the seventeen acts making their way to Botanic Park next March that you won't see anywhere else in Australia. You've just got the one chance to catch them this time around before they're off around the world, far away, making other people happy! See them at WOMADelaide 2019 or be forever rewatching Youtube videos pretending you were there.


Alina Bzhezhinska QuartetThe Colour of Time ∙ BalojiBCUC ∙ Canzoniere Grecanico SalentinoCompagnie BiLBoBaSSo "Amor" ∙ DJ SAMA'Dona Onete ∙ Ephemeral CityFatoumata Diawara ∙ Janis Claxton DanceLa Dame Blanche ∙ Las CafeterasMaalem Hamid El Kasri ∙ Shantel & Bucovina Club OrkestarSona Jobarteh ∙ Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe

The Colour of Time


Artonik's The Colour of Time belongs at WOMADelaide. If you weren't amongst the rainbow eruption of colour and dance in 2015 then you might have seen the photos. A stunning reinvention of the traditional Indian Holi Festival, The Colour of Time celebrates unity through a colourful intersection of music, dance, performance art and free hugs.



Friday & Sunday Night

This young seven-piece band from Soweto prove South African music is still alive and full of energy - lots of it. With songs lasting up to 20 minutes (and that's just the set opener), the energy from BCUC rises and rises bringing the crowd into their world, rich in tradition, ritual and belief. Dubbed "the most impressive newcomers" at WOMAD UK by The Guardian, it's time to go a bit crazy for BCUC.

Compagnie Bilbobasso "Amor"


Years of marriage behind them and now everything is about to ignite, literally. You've never seen so much passion in a vacuum and you've probably never seen one engulfed in flames, smoke and flying sparks. It's unpredictable, it's passionate and it's tenacious. These two beings love each other... to death.


Ephemeral City


Ephemeral City invites everyone to build together. It is an installation put together by you, and by the people around you. Cardboard and tape are your only tools, no cranes or machines are invited and nor are they needed. Olivier Grossetête created this concept to create links with one another, it is as much about the shared process, as the actual monument. Oh and you get to tear it down at the end too!


La Dame Blanche

Saturday Night | Monday

Yaité Ramos Rodriguez has been destined for the spotlight since she first stepped into the world. Born in Cuba to the bandleader of the Orquesta Buenavista Social Club, La Dame Blanche wasn't truly invented until she was exposed to a melting pot of sounds in Paris. Through her Cuban origins, mastering of the flute and the introduction of rumba, salsa, reggae and much more to the table, La Dame Blanche has transformed into one seriously epic artist and incredible live performer.


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