WOMADelaide 2019 is just around the corner. If the festival's arrival has caught you by surprise or you have any last minute questions, we're here to help. We're old hands at this whole festival thing, so we've put together a little list to help you have a good fantastic time.

Take Note of Opening Times

Whether you want to be at the gates the second they open, or have an evening pass, keep these times in mind.


4:00pm - 12:30am


11:00am - 1:00am (Night Pass access from 5:30pm)
*Frome Rd gate open 9am to Speakers' Corner ONLY


11:00am - Midnight (Night Pass access from 5:30pm)


11:00am - Midnight

Get to the Box Office Early

Tickets will be available at the gates, but keep in mind they'll cost up to $20 more and with the weather looking totally excellent, we could reach capacity. It's happened before and we don't want you to miss out!

If you're yet to buy a ticket or you need to pick yours up at the box office, we advise getting there nice and early to avoid standing in a queue.

Gate Ticket Sales / Box Office Hours


HACKNEY ROAD: 11:00am – 10:30pm 
FROME ROAD: 3:00pm – 10:30pm


BOTH: 11:00am – 10:30pm

What to Bring

Gates open at 4:00pm on Friday, so once your boss has given you that early minute you requested months ago, here's what you should have with you upon your Botanic Park arrival.

1. Your Festival Wristband

You need this to get into the festival, it's kinda important. Every wristband is unique to YOU and cannot be swapped or removed once you've put it on. Multi-day passes must be kept on all festival. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe before the festival begins!

2. A Card for Payment

WOMADelaide bars are cashless. Don't get caught short in the perfect weather, and remember to bring a credit or debit card to purchase drinks at any of our bars. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard and Diners and all bar payment systems process EFTPOS and PayWave/PayPass, so come prepared!

3. Sun Deflectors

Yeah the weather is looking pretty sweet this weekend with high-twenty's on the horizon (oh yeah!). All the more reason to take care of yourself. Here's our tips for staying cool and safe in the sun.

WEAR A COOL HAT: The wider the better, anything that gets your face in the shade. You could also take with you a small umbrella or parasol if desired, but please no large umbrellas as these will not be allowed. Sunnies are also highly recommended.

SLOP ON SOME SUNSCREEN: Hopefully mum's packed your SPF30+ but on the off chance she's forgotten, head to the Channel 9 Sunscreen Station; located just outside TerryWhite Chemmart near the Info Booth, with free sunscreen provided by Channel 9.

4. Onsite Pharmacy

The TerryWhite Chemmart pop-up pharmacy will be onsite to offer professional pharmaceutical advice, quality products at great prices, and assist with any health needs and pharmacist only medicines stocked for your convenience.

4. Clever Clothes

Not just your festival kit, but items to keep you warm, comfortable and cosy too... while still looking fly of course.

SHOES: Comfortable shoes. We recommend you wear a sturdy pair good for walking, dancing and keeping your toes warm at night.

WARM THINGS: A dressing gown is probably a bit much, but we recommend a warm jumper for when the sun sets and it gets a bit chilly. Of course if you're after a nice souvenir, we've got some hoodies over in the WoShop that'll keep you snug.

RAIN PROTECTION: If it rains, a rain jacket is a splendid idea. NO large umbrellas will be allowed into the park.

NOTE: The cloakroom is available everyday from gates open to 12:30am sharp for any handbags, SMALL cases or day packs, for a gold coin donation.

5. Download the official App

Find it HERE (iOS) and HERE (Android). It's really very useful! Plus, we have free public wifi provided by Superloop & ASP Computer Services at hotspots across the park to support your data needs! Read more HERE.

6. The Important Things

  • Something to sit on for downtime between sets, a snack break or just to chill out is fine. This could be anything from a rug, a low-standing chair or one of our WOMADelaide beach-style chairs. Just remember to be considerate of those around you, we know you will.
  • Valid ID is important, especially if you're entering as a concession ticket holder.
  • Ear protection. Sometimes it can get a bit loud, kids and bubs ear muff's are available in the WoShop.
  • WOMADelaide bars are cashless, however other festival services including stalls, TTW Restaurant, WoShop and more will still receive cash or card payments.


This list isn't as long, promise...

  • Tents are a no-no. Small sunshades set-up away from high-traffic areas are okay if you need a little retreat, but if you're in a thoroughfare you will be asked to move.
  • Any Glass - this includes perfume bottles, drinks, containers and jars.
  • Alcohol - Drink bottles will be inspected on entry.
  • Animals (Guide dogs are of course welcome!)
  • Unauthorised tape recorders, professional photo and video equipment, including drones. We do encourage phone snaps for personal use of course - make sure you tag us in all your happy snaps @WOMADelaide and #WOMADL19.

And finally...

Have a fantastic time! Look after yourselves, your friends and the people around you. We want everyone to have the most fun possible in Botanic Park. Let's make WOMADelaide 2019 the best one yet!

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