Electric Fields have released their new single 'Gold Energy' that explores an evolving sonic shift. 

Featuring the rare and beautiful voice of Zaachariaha Fielding - who often sings in his traditional languages of the Anangu people – with the brilliance of producer Michael Ross, Electric Fields’ music ranges from soulful pop, to epic-scale electronic works, through to intensely intimate story-songs. 

"'Gold Energy' is about the shared spirit between people or animals or any living thing. When you receive that gold energy, you can sit with it and collect its goodness," Zaachariaha explained. 

“Whenever Z and I write a song, we always have an idea rooted in philosophy. This song is about stadium-level joy, that feeling in the best times of life: gold energy," said Producer-composer Michael. 

Fielding sings “Kurunpa nganampa liprulala” in Anangu language during the pre-chorus, which translates to “Adjust your spirit, correct your energy.” This contentment takes commitment: it’s about fierce optimism.

Their WOMADelaide performance will feature special guests Antara singers and Tjarutja First Nations Dance Collective.