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Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey are visual artists internationally renowned for creating installations that draw together the disciplines of sculpture, photography, ecology and biology into artworks that grow and decay over time. Working in a variety of media, their artworks investigate memory and time, man-made climate change and biodiversity loss.  

The medium of the artists’ photography is nature itself. In their multi-award winning work, blades of seedling grass provide a highly light-sensitive surface that the artists use to create a living form of photograph.

The artists will bring to life a series of large-scale photographic portraits taken in 2017 of WOMADelaide festival-goers to create an ethereal gallery. Time is embedded in the artists’ work, and day-by-day, the portraits will shift and change as they are exposed to the outdoor elements, creating a powerful presence of people captured in hues of green and yellow, visible yet slipping from view like an apparition.

Ackroyd & Harvey’s work has been seen worldwide in contemporary art galleries, museums, found sites and public spaces and they give many keynote lectures and presentations focusing on aesthetics and ethics with regard to culture and climate change.