Gratte Ciel


"Place des Anges"

Written and directed by Pierrot Bidon and Stéphane Girard

As darkness descends each night at WOMADelaide, the skies above Botanic Park will be transformed by Gratte Ciel’s extraordinary “Place des Anges” (Place of Angels), in a magically joyous aerial ballet to delight both young and old.

Gratte Ciel (skyscraper) are a company who seek to fill the ‘empty space’ of the sky with high altitude circus. With dance and movement that evokes ‘aerial poetry’, Place des Anges, created by Stéphane Girard and the late Pierrot Bidon - founder of the ground breaking circus Archaos - brings together a team of highly skilled technicians, climbers, circus performers and dancers, to create a truly unique high-altitude aerial spectacle.

As night falls, Gratte Ciel’s mischievous Angels will appear high above the treetops of Botanic Park, unfurling a playful wonderland of fabulous music, spectacular acrobatic scenes, and aerial theatrics to charm and inspire the audience below. Softly cascading feathers will gradually trickle from the swirling figures of our ethereal and irreverent Angel friends, as they dance amongst the stars and descend to play with the audience far below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the work’s premiere in 2007 in the City of Arles, Place des Anges has been performed many times around the world including London, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, and Montreal, but WOMADelaide will be its first presentation outside of an urban environment. The 32-strong French cast of Gratte Ciel will travel to Australia exclusively for WOMADelaide 2018, transforming the heavens above Adelaide for 4 nights only and leaving lasting memories of the captivating visions that took place.