WOMADelaide Bars


Cashless Bars

Bars at WOMADelaide will use a new cashless system in 2018, enabling greater speed of service, staff security and ease of transaction for festivalgoers. Customers will continue to be able to utilise PayWave, PayPass, and EFTPOS for transactions at our bars, but will in addition also be able to use their RFID Wristbands with pre-loaded credit to purchase items if they wish. There will also be Top-Up Booths at the festival site for users wishing to Top-Up their wristbands with cash.

Other festival services (stalls, Jamface by Poh, WoShop) will still receive cash or card payments.




A refund process will be available after the festival for unused credit amounts greater than $5.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

As part of our committment to the environment, WOMADelaide has partnered with Globelet to provide a reusable cup and bottle service for 2018.

When you purchase your first drink at one of our bars, you will be charged an extra amount - a deposit of $3 - for your cup. You are then encouraged to re-use your cup as many times as possible (or exchange for a new cup if you change drinks) before returning it at the end of the day or weekend for a refund of $2. The idea is that each cup is re-used as much as possible and collected at the end of the event to be used at the next festival, as we try to move further towards a waste-free, circular economy.

Bottled Water & Hydration Stations

As part of our efforts to limit the use of PET bottles, you can refill your water bottle with refreshing filtered & chilled water at the Hydration Stations located amongst the food stalls in the Global Village, Hackney Stalls Zone and Speakers Corner.

Globelet water bottles (purchased from the bars for $6.50) receive unlimited chilled refills at the Hydration Stations around the festival site, and all other water bottles can be refilled at the Hydration Stations for a gold-coin donation.

The (filtered) tap water stations will also be provided for free as usual around the site.