WOMADelaide 2018 boasts a bunch of artist you can only see in Botanic Park. The list includes such artists as Chilean heavyweights, Chico Trujillo, mesmerising site artists Ackroyd & Harvey and Gratte Ciel - Place des Anges and the hypnotic dance performance from TAO Dance Theatre.


Ackroyd & Harvey • Cie Bivouac - Erica's Dream • Bixiga 70 • Blick Bassy • Chico Trujillo • Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko • Eva Quartet • Ghada Shbeir • Gratte Ciel - Place des Anges • Le Vent du Nord • Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band • Rahim AlHaj Trio • Rajab Suleiman & Kithara • TAO Dance Theater • Victoria Hanna

Gratte Ciel - Place des Anges

Every Night

In 2018, we will be welcoming one of the most spectacular performances to appear in WOMADelaide's history, Gratte Ciel - Place des Anges. Each night, as darkness descends over Botanic Park, the skies will be transformed into an aerial ballet, with mischevious angels appearing high above the treetops. Unfurling a playful wonderland of music, acrobatic scenes and aerial theatrics, the festival will pause as the angels dance amongst the stars and descend to play with the audience far below. The crescendo of the performance needs to be experienced in person, with softly cascading feathers trickling down from the swirling figures of our ethereal and irreverent Angel friends.

Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko


For over two decades, Constantinople have been exploring sounds through the inspiration of artists from distant horizons. In 2018, the ensemble are joined at WOMADelaide by the delicate and intelligent recitals of Ablaye Cissoko. Cissoko’s dreamy display of the kora, beautifully combined with a voice described as “like honey” by Mondomix, is destined to be one of the best mind clearing displays at the festival. 

Chico Trujillo

Saturday & Monday

You'd have a hard time finding a party in Chile that isn’t vibing to Chico Trujillo. Incorporating elements of all generations and lifestyles, Chico Trujillo are a band born nocturnal, with their music made to be played long into the night. Blending together a mix of classic cumbia, bolero, Latin American, Balkan and reggae, the band hold hands with the past while partying hard with Chilean pop culture.

Ghada Shbeir

Saturday & Monday

Flying into Australia for the first time, Ghada Shbeir promises a magical and enchanting performance from Middle Eastern folk to Syriac ancient Maronite chants. The intricate and beguiling vocals of Shbeir adapt and explore ancient texts into romantic compositions that cross-over many different genres.

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band

Saturday & Sunday

Straight-up legend of the 60’s and 70’s Ghanaian highlife, Pat Thomas is still putting together an incredible live show. NPR Music reckon Pat Thomas’ 2015 return to the scene showed us exactly what the highlife fuss was all about, and we totally agree. Pat Thomas is one cool dude, still very much at the top of his game.

Victoria Hanna

Sunday & Monday

Since the 2015 release of The Aleph-bet song (Hosha’ana), Victoria Hanna has gained mass wide-world attention, through melodic reworkings of ancient Hebrew texts. Growing up with a stutter, Hanna reimagined the Hebrew alphabet, exploring different ways to bring meaning back to the language. “Hanna’s feminist vision of the Hebrew alphabet is elemental and copious”. This is going to be one special performance.