The WOMADelaide Foundation – presenter of WOMADelaide, is a non-profit organisation and our ability to present an iconic, culturally diverse program is increasingly reliant upon the generous philanthropic support of our donors.

We are reaching out to the WOMADelaide community for your support this end of financial year.

All donations are gratefully received and fully tax-deductible. We ask you to consider if you are able, making a gift to the WOMADelaide Foundation this end of financial year.


Our focus for the coming year, is to support artist development, major projects and access for all. Your gift will make a difference to the development of several key initiatives:  

2. Four Columns

WOMADelaide x NSS Academy

The training and development program gives young, emerging First Nations and culturally diverse artists the chance to hone their music skills through song writing and production intensives, studio sessions, workshops in schools and live gigs, guided by local and national music industry professionals.

Participating artists then have a chance to perform at WOMADelaide. Your help will directly support local emerging talent to create new career pathways.  

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2. Four Columns3

Community Access 

Each year, this important program provides over 320+ tickets to a wide range of community groups. 

Now in its 10th year, the program allows access to individuals and organisations who wouldn’t normally have the chance to experience the event. 

Your help will provide access to members of our community, including young refugees, indigenous communities and people subjected to trauma.

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Gratte Ciel Alt

Major Projects

Our wonderful large-scale performance works are a source of inspiration and connection for many visitors to WOMADelaide. Your help will contribute to the presentation of life-changing major artistic works and commissioning of exciting new creative outputs. 

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4. Planet Talks

The Planet Talks

The Planet Talks hosts some of the world’s greatest thinkers, activists and commentators for smart and passionate discussions on the issues facing the citizens of this ‘third stone from the sun’.

With sessions exploring a range of new ideas and topics covering science, nature, social change and our sustainable relationship to the planet, it's an educational and essential part of the WOMADelaide experience. 

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Thank you for helping us continue our commitment to creative and cultural diversity and enabling us to share WOMADelaide with generations to come.